Luis Fernandez’s lifelong passion for line, shape, and design began at Venezuela’s Central University where he studied architecture graduating in 1993. Soon after, Luis realized that his appreciation of design for blueprints and buildings has transformed into another creative desire, photography.

Within a year of working in Venezuela , Luis discovered his vocation was fashion photographer. Luis then relocated to Miami and found himself and his lustrous photographic style warm embraced by the city’s vibrant fashion scene. His enthusiastic and friendly nature immediately opened him to meetings with Miami’s top fashion designers, stylists, model agencies and publications.

With his talent recognized in Miami, Luis set off to other countries and cities in search of fresh locations and new faces to shoot. Milan, New York, Asia, South America and the Caribbean are some of the destinations he has worked. A regular at New York’s Fashion Week for the past ten years, he has photographed many of the top designer runway shows. International fashion editorials, advertising, catalogues, and model portfolios are among the jobs that demand Luis’s talent. A list of his clients include: Sony Music International, L’Oreal, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Magazine.

The past decade has seen Luis career continually grow from strength to strength. His exceptional ability to enhance the beauty in every person he photographs by using his knowledge in both studio light and natural light makes him a master of this art. Luis’s strong work ethic, reliability, and positive attitude have kept him on top of his field and have made him the successful professional he is today.